Daily Fountain for April 29, 2020


Wednesday, April 29, 2020                                                                                           

Acts 3:17-26


We live in a generation where all sorts of messages are preached in the name of the gospel. Some of such messages are sensational and motivational and sometimes, accompanied by miracles. Ask yourself, if the healing of this lame man occurred in some churches or ministries today, what do you think the message will be like? Will it glorify God, the preacher or denomination?The disciples have given us the pattern of a balanced gospel: In yesterday’s passage, they gave glory to God for the miracle. They explained the ministry of Jesus, His death and resurrection and man’s sinful response to God’s gift, Jesus. In today’s passage, Peter pointed out the need and gains of repentance (v.19), God’s judgment for the disobedient (v.23) and future restoration of all things according to God’s plan (v.21). They ended by challenging their hearers to adhere personally to the word that they heard (vv. 25-26).

It is unfortunate that such sermons that emphasise repentance and the ministry of Jesus is lacking in some gatherings today. It is also unfortunate that some of us hearers fail to appropriate the word personally in our lives. We are reminded today that we are the heirs of God’s covenant (v.23). We preach and act in accordance to God’s instruction.

Prayer:Pray for ministers to preach the balanced gospel.


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