Daily Fountain for April 28, 2020


Tuesday, April 28, 2020                                                                                    

Acts 3:11-16


The lame man who was healed held unto Peter and John (v.11);so it was evident to all that Peter and John were the instruments used to accomplish this great miracle. People also surrounded and marveled at them. In spite of this scenario, the disciples never attributed the miracle to themselves unlike today when some Christians take God’s glory for what He is using them to do. Peter quickly pointed them to Jesus. He told them that the healing did not come from their own power (v.12).He told them in verse 16 that it was faith in the name of Jesus that brought perfect soundness to the lame man.

Do you have any spiritual or physical challenge that has defied all solutions? Are you feeling cowardly as a Christian? You only need faith in His name for the miraculous transformation of your situation. Faith in His name will make you an instrument like the disciples, to be used for God’s glory. This is because the name of Jesus transcends all powers, demons, thrones and principalities. At His name, spiritual and physical situations bow and cowardly Christians are transformed into channels for the miraculous manifestation of God’s power. Exercise this faith in His name and you will see His miracle.

Prayer:Lord, help me to exercise faith in your name over the problems and situations around me.


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